December 14, 2005


so on our recent team event, we got a list of scavenger hunt items to track down in the city. a bunch of them were "get a picture of..." items where you had to go do something uniquely san franciscan. that got me thinking... a running list of things i want to do in the next five years, along with scavenger hunt point values:
  1. get into a business school that i want to attend -- 500 points
  2. consume the best rib eye steak ever -- 50 points for each new best. current leader: ruth's chris san diego
  3. live somewhere new -- 400 points
  4. drink a guinness in ireland -- 100 points for first guinness, 1 point for each subsequent (not trying to die here, you know...)
  5. travel to a new continent -- 250 points per continent
  6. win a $5000+ pot -- 100 points for each such pot
  7. quit a job -- 150 points for each job
  8. lay on a steaming hot beach in mexico -- 45 points for each day on such a beach
  9. consistently use the word "neat" instead of "cool" -- 2 points per usage
  10. ski somewhere outside of california -- 20 points per lift ticket purchased
  11. be in a las vegas sportsbook the first morning of march madness -- 150 points
  12. eat ice cream -- 1 point per scoop
  13. have a meal of paella and sangria in spain -- 100 points per meal
  14. run from the cops -- 900 points per occasion. kidding...
  15. watch as many *great* live stand-up acts as possible -- 45 points per act, 'great' subjective
  16. punch phillip lehman in the face -- 100 points per punch
  17. see a stanford bowl game victory in-person -- 250 points
  18. get into "game shape" -- 5 points per day in such shape
  19. sell a boat -- 200 points
  20. cash in a World Series Of Poker event -- 650 points
anyway, now you've seen the list. let me know if you're interested in doing any of the above, except for #14.


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