February 22, 2006

Experience Over Money

ramit's a guy that i lived in the same dorm with (branner) freshman year of college. he has a blog/site about personal entrepreneurship and finance for young people (read: you). http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/. in addition to entertainment value, i think his articles provide a solid amount of interesting reason. he filed an entry this morning on the importance of experience over getting the green at this age. it actually mirrors my thoughts as i walk through my 24/infinity life crisis. i realize it's easy to say something like that while i sit in a 13th floor windowed office at the world's largest enterprise software company, consistently cashing reasonably-sized salary checks, but i do indeed believe it. i'm ready for a different opportunity. and if that opportunity pays less money, then so be it. i think i'm starting to get a grasp of what i'm looking for. more on that later. but i think it's funny how often i'm starting to hear this refrain from people that i know. i had breakfast with justin smith last week and talked with him about various current pain points in my life (read: career) right now. he's working on a service called Standpoint (http://www.standpoint.com) that you should all go check out. i distinctly got the feeling that he was enjoying the experience greatly and not at all concerned about the money that he could be making somewhere else right now. i think his attitude and ramit's article are refreshing; they give me some validation of the ideas and beliefs that are in my head. just time to go execute.

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