December 22, 2005


so i found a pretty nicely-built hold'em odds calculator on see it here: might be fun to click around on it. i like doing it just for kicks (really, seriously). i always get surprised (still) by hands like AK vs. 78, where AK is only a 3:2 favorite. seems pretty nuts. think about it: -- let's say you raise on the button to $20 in a 2-5 NL game with 78 suited because it's folded around to you -- small blind folds -- big blind moves all-in for $50 total, putting $72 in the pot if you could put him on two overcards, somehow (maybe he's a wild player or maybe he feels like your'e stealing), you should actually call that because the pot's laying you almost 2.5:1 on your $30. that always kinda boggles my mind. anyway, i find this kind of stuff fun...i remember reading Super System the first time and thinking "why does he keep talking about these situations that seem like they shouldn't show up that much?" probably because all heads-up pre-flop play can be put into a simple bucket. also another fun one, this time more relevant to limit, is to put four players up there, and give them these hands: AK JT QQ 2c5c that's always fun to think about. when i did it, with the suits i gave them, 2c5c is 18.3% to win, which is about the same percentage that hand would have against QQ straight up. that's not to mention the huge implied odds you would get flopping a hand like 2d5sJc rainbow with a Kc on the turn. almost makes you think all those crazy players at GC are playing really smart! 6:02 PM - add eprops - add comments - email it tags:


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