March 3, 2006

I'M smallchou

does anyone else find it infuriating when you are informed that YOUR username is already taken by someone on a site? for me, of course, the username is 'smallchou'. i just went to a site and tried to sign up for an account and was told that someone's already using it. what? how dare this obviously less charismatic and far less attractive version of me take my account. maybe that's why mike needs to use something crazy like "ninjaricetaekwandokillpeople". it must suck a lot more for people named "info" or "jobs". try signing up for an e-mail address with THOSE usernames.

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At 3/04/2006 08:50:00 AM, Blogger pseudostoops said...

katsnork has never let me down. in fact, if a website tells me that it is already in use, it serves as a helpful reminder that i have probably already registered for this website and should start trying to remember my password.

you make fun, but katsnork rules.

have fun watching basketball and getting wizasted this weekend. i will be studying and jealous.


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