April 13, 2006

Google Calendar, part 2

conversation between me and phillus... [10:04] smallchou@gmail.com: i'll invite you on google calendar [10:04] lehman.p@gmail.com: whoa...cool [10:04] lehman.p@gmail.com: how do i get to that? [10:05] smallchou@gmail.com: yeah [10:05] lehman.p@gmail.com: is there a link to it from gmail? [10:05] smallchou@gmail.com: ah HA so i'm still wondering where that link is. also, all the reports about the calendar seem to say that it will semantically determine when a gmail message includes an event and give you the option to directly add it to your calendar... not seeing that yet... c'mon google, get it together Grouch...

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At 4/14/2006 11:45:00 AM, Anonymous bonnie said...

there's still something kinda nice about writing appointments down on paper planners with these ink pen things. is that way 2001 of me?

ok fine, i like evite too.


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