May 19, 2006

Punching guys in the nuts

ok, honestly, this Mavericks Outrage is why i cannot, under any circumstances, root for the dallas mavericks from here on out. i just can't stand it when professional athletes and coaches make ridiculous sarcastic comments like:
"You grab, you don't get suspended," Johnson said. "But the rule is clear: You punch, you get suspended. So, next time, grab."
um, hello. you are recognizing that your player punched a guy in the nuts. or even better:
Terry called the league's decision-making "very inconsistent."
um, hello. you PUNCHED a guy in the genitals. in the nuts. i'm sorry, but anybody who doesn't understand how wrong that is has to be female. or mike chen. hitting below the belt is just off-limits, unless you're mike tyson. i understand that everyone is still amazed that reggie evans did not get a suspension for grabbing chris kaman's underparts, but these are exactly the same kinds of arguments that i used to get from my players when i was coaching. well, minus the whole genitals part. new rule, for these childish nba players and coaches: when you punch another basketball player in the nuts, you lose all rights to complain about anything, inconsistent or not. period. end of story. i think that's fair. and why didn't reggie evans get suspended? well, there are only two people in this world who know what happened inside chris kaman's shorts, and the nba commissioner's office is not one of them. but we have video documented evidence of jason terry flipping out and ringing the berries. what are they going to do, NOT suspend him? i don't even like the spurs that much, but at least they aren't whining nut-punchers. go spurs.


At 5/25/2006 10:22:00 AM, Anonymous king said...

spurs arent playing anymore.


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