May 5, 2006

Personal Blog

so an interesting thing has happened since i moved from xanga to blogger: i don't write about personal things anymore. somehow having a *dun dun dun* BLOG as opposed to just a tiny little online journal can change your state of mind and your writing. i used to have a fine mix of opinions and reflections, and it's something that i miss. after all, am i really so authoritative on any of the issues i discuss that random people should be taking my word for things? i mean, didn't i predict the lakers would quickly discard of the suns just the other day? so i'm going to warn you now: there will be more reflective posts coming up and that's just how it's going to be. in these posts, there will be no insightful comments about watching nba playoffs, perusing web 2.0 applications, or playing 97 suited on the button for a raise against a loose-aggressive player. if you're looking for those things, you'll need to come back the next day, because sometimes i just need to write. then again, if you are who i think you are, you probably would rather read that stuff anyway... i was talking with a friend (we'll say male for anonymity) last night on the phone, and he briefly mentioned that he was going to therapy. i nearly spewed my glass of sunny delight all over the kitchen table. it's not so much therapy that is quite so shocking, but it's the thought that THIS particular person would be seeking the professional help of a described "tall, kinda thin, balding, middle-aged, white guy." my friend, after all, is one of the most stubborn and cynical people that i have ever met in my life. he delayed purchasing an iPod despite being addicted to music and traveling public transit daily, merely because he hates technology fads. so what did i think? i was happy for him, because he needs someone to talk to. and if that someone needs to be a 45-year old dude named lloyd that my friend doesn't know beyond the condescending tone of his therapist voice, then so be it. but more than that, he needs someone that understands, even if that understanding comes in the package of "and how does that make you FEEL?" well all need that understanding, if only for a little while. it can come in the form of a talk with a friend who just started work in the valley at an exciting place or in the form of a comment to "sack up" from a guy you don't even know through a proxy. sometimes this guidance comes at the strangest of times and it makes everything clear. or at least clearer. just for a day. honesty: the new therapy.


At 5/05/2006 12:51:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, you heard him, sack up

At 5/05/2006 01:51:00 PM, Anonymous king said...

blah blah. its your blog, so you write what you want to write. thats the beauty of it. though i have noticed that there is one topic you rarely ever touch on in your blogs.. and albeit, its personal... love. yup. we've seen a huge range of emotions from you through this media outlet, but besides your post about your grandfather, we've seen very little of the jackchou that only a few have seen (on purpose, no doubt). just an observation, not a request in any sort of way.


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