September 14, 2006

Investing in travel

i'm excited because tomorrow i'm jumping on a long-ass plane flight Down Under. i don't really plan on having absurd adventures while i'm down there, but hey, you never know. i think that when i'm at work and in the grind, i tend to lose focus on some of the more important aspects of being 24 with some financial freedom. for instance, i feel like seeing as much of the world as i can before i have real responsibilities is probably a really fantastic idea. when i think about it, there will be decades to work on a career, and only years to pack up and fly away to random places for indeterminate amounts of time. i need to remember to make that a priority more often. so in the theme of "tell better stories," i think that someday i'll remember spending two weeks in australia much more than i'll remember sitting in a cubicle plugging on my keyboard to earn some extra cash. i think. and for that i'm willing to invest: time, money, and my life. 9/15: fly out of sfo to sydney 9/22: fly out of sydney to cairns 9/29: fly back to sfo there are lots of things in the middle there, but we'll start with that and fill in the details later.

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At 9/15/2006 06:11:00 AM, Anonymous ivy said...

see you soon! this is my first time in a hostel, and i gotta say... there are some interesting people around here. thank goodness i have a normal roommate!


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