September 18, 2006

talladega nights!

so i had some interesting little tidbits to share from my trip so far, but they were all overshadowed by this story: ivy and i were sitting in this old pub in The Rocks here in sydney. i decided to order another pint of guinness and, as i was finishing up the drink, i saw a couple of pretty big guys walking in on the other side of the bar. as i put my drink down, i couldn't help noticing that the one facing me had one of those cool Ricky Bobby Wonderbread hats on. "cool," i thought. "i wonder how he got one of those." then i slowly realized that the guy looked a LOT like the real ricky bobby himself. as i blinked a few times and looked again, i tapped ivy on the shoulder and said, "hey, doesn't that guy look a lot like will ferrell?" as we both looked back at him, his friend turned around and we knew that, yes, it was in fact will ferrell because the other guy was very clearly john c. reilly! the tagline for sydney tourism should be: "Sydney, where Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly can go to have a beer without people bothering them." we did score a sweet picture of the four of us though. awesome...



At 9/21/2006 01:05:00 PM, Anonymous b said...

YOU TOUCHED WILL FERRELL AND JOHN C REILLY. WHILE DRINKING GUINNESS. how come we're not all living in sydney yet?


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