December 27, 2005


for all of us niners fans, that was a real disastrous victory this past weekend over the rams. losing that game would have meant that we would get to play the texans next weekend in a real "Reggie Bush Bowl". instead, it now looks like we're gonna get tossed from not only the first pick, but also the second and third picks, when we could've taken the big left tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson, from Virginia (and yes, that is his real name. isn't that reason enough to pick him?). incidentally, on the topic of bush, i was starting to get really excited about having him on the niners. the guy is clearly a special player. and perhaps even a once-a-generation talent. here's an excerpt from's scouts' take on him: "Strengths: The most dynamic and explosive playmaker in college football. Is a versatile weapon. A huge threat every time he touches the ball as a runner, receiver and return specialist. Has exceptional quickness, body control and speed. Shows a rare second-gear in space and will run away from defenders once he reaches the second level. His vision is outstanding. He sees things quickly and has the stop-and-start ability to exploit small creases when they become available. His balance is exceptional. He is a slippery runner who will spin through would-be tacklers and crawl for extra yards at the end of runs. His ability to pivot and hit cutback lanes is outstanding. Lacks bulk but he has impressive natural strength. Has the frame to improve his bulk. He shows a tremendous feel for the passing game. He is a smooth, crafty route runner. Plucks well on the run and will adjust to the poorly thrown ball. Is a deep threat as a receiver; shows the ability to consistently separate. Also is a huge weapon after the catch. Tremendous elusiveness in space." they also happened to grade him a 98 out of 100. sheesh. he's the type of talent that you don't even want to pigeonhole as just a RB or just a WR. who cares what he's listed at? just get the guy the ball in opportunities 20-30 times a game and watch him work. who cares where he gets it? i was talking to somebody a few months ago who said (definitively) that bush would play wide receiver in the nfl. sorry, but that's absurd; why would you limit him to 5-8 touches a game? have him return punts, return kick-offs, run 10-15 standard rushes, catch 5 balls out of the backfield, and run 20 receiving routes a game. bingo. the team that gets him is gonna do that and they're gonna feel very lucky having him. so where does the leave the niners? well, there is one dream scenario, in which new orleans (at TB), green bay (vs. Seattle), and the jets (vs. Buffalo) could all miraculously win next weekend in the early games. if that happens, you can find me glued to my couch from 1pm to 4pm next sunday watching the niners-texans game. if not, and we lose out on the #1 pick and lose out on Ferguson, then we get kinda hosed. cross your fingers, niners fans... tags:


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