February 2, 2006


so now donovan mcnabb sees it as his time to go off (ESPN.com). i, for one, am actually very disappointed. in a world of sports stars that constantly pander to public opinion, donovan had always struck me as a guy that was a strong enough individual to fight off the urges to retaliate. TO saying that he got tired in the super bowl? shrug it off and play football. yes, he has taken a lot of abuse lately, from many sources. but how does lashing out at TO or the NAACP dude or anyone really help mcnabb?

now though, in uncovering all the madness and spitting back at TO, mcnabb has reduced himself, in my eyes, to another athlete that proved himself NOT above it all. say what you will about kobe (and i certainly do), but the one thing kobe bryant never does is respond to off-court verbal abuse. for that you have to respect the man. i guess.

in times like these, i would just ask myself "WWMD?" M, of course, being the one and only Mike. what would mike have done if scottie had suddenly started ripping on him, belittling his failures in his comeback playoffs against the orlando magic that year? well, if scottie wasn't immediately shown the door (which he would have been), you probably would've seen mike respond with nothing in public. sure, on the court you probably would've seen him phase scottie out of entire quarters and generally ignore him. but in the media? nothing. when scottie was finally moved, i think you would've seen mike go out of his way to destroy scottie every time they played, probably guarding him for 48 minutes and torching him for 60.

i feel like donovan really had a chance to do that. prove the detractors wrong. prove your believers right. instead, he wants to let people know that he's the good guy. *shrug*. i just don't see why.

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