January 20, 2006


[15:03] eafy43: hey jack [15:03] smallchou: yo [15:03] eafy43: how come kingsley just told me you werent' watching football on sunday? [15:14] chantytime: how come you're not watching football? [15:19] kingsley's sister: jack, how come you're not watching football? and how come you're so smart and SO hot? thank you kingsley's sister. and thanks, kingsley. thanks for telling everyone you know to ask me about not watching football. jerk. just so i don't have to explain it multiple times, read here: i was sitting at my desk, in the process of deciding whether to watch football on sunday or play poker. yes, the football games are exciting, but i also haven't played in the artichoke joe's sunday tournament in several weeks and i wanted to do that. in any case, i was literally deep in thought on this topic when i clicked to IM and saw the following message from an hour previous: [13:55] thepoisonedivy: so okay i'm buying tickets for lion king this sunday at 1pm *momentary panic* now guys, i have to admit that this was a little bit like getting kicked in the nuts. actually, it was exactly like it. and i'm not talking about the slight glancing blow that makes you sting for a second. i'm talking about the painful type of roundhouse ninja stomp kick that makes you ache for about an hour. kingsley can relate. hey kingsley, why don't you post a comment here about your first sexual experience? now there are a few pieces of contextual evidence here: 1. ivy asked me early in the week if i wanted to watch the musical on sunday. i said yes, for obvious reasons, thinking it would be at night, like every other musical i've ever seen. should i know that musicals are sometimes shown in the daytime? in three words: no and no. 2. ivy did not know that the football games start at noon on sunday (thrown off by the eastern time thing). those tricky easterners. 3. luckily, the second football game (the game featuring MY preseason super bowl pick, the carolina panthers) starts at 3:30. so anyone in the city want to watch football at 3:30 on sunday? so, again, why am i not watching football on sunday? well, i am. part of it. but why just part of it? well, in short, because i love my girlfriend and this is what boyfriends do. and you know what, guys? that's why it felt like getting kicked in the nuts; because i immediately knew what i would be doing at 1pm on sunday (instead of watching denver squeak by pittsburgh. write that down.). if she wasn't worth it, i would have spent actual time deciding whether to go to the musical or not. instead? no-brainer. was the timing somewhat unfortunate? yeah, but life is sacrifice and commitment and, yes sometimes... getting kicked in the nuts. go panthers and GO lion king. tags:


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