January 9, 2006


A SHORT LIST OF BESTS (miscellaneous) ho hum, another day at the office. a short list of things that are interesting: Best New Food Discovery: who would have known that the building next door, the one that no one ever goes to, has some of the best food on our campus? i've been at oracle for more than 17 months now and only the other day did i discover the tasty and affordable asian rice and noodle bowls in the 200 building. they're not satisfying in the same way that a jersey joe's cheesesteak or el metate carnitas super burrito is, but they are perfectly-sized and comforting. Best New Use of Technology: i went to the optometrist today and i saw probably the best new medical development that i've seen in a while. it's called optomap and it takes in-depth images of your retina immediately for your optometrist to see. no dilation drops. no walking around hazily for half a day. just a quick bright light and a snap. not only that, but you can instantly see the digital images on the machine, enhance them, magnify, and do all of the things that optometrists need to do. i'm probably biased on this since i had my retinal tear and partial detachment last year, but i think it's pretty awesome. Best Company I Heard About Today: ivy sent me a link for this company that i find pretty intriguing: 37 Signals. the applications seem really cool and absurdly simple. i also like the "dumbed down" nature of the interfaces and look-and-feel. one of the things that i think many successful web companies have found in the past few years is that having more features doesn't necessarily translate to having a better product. seems like these guys get that. i also like their phrase that they build products for the "Fortune 5,000,000". had to laugh at that. someday when your computer is nothing more than a terminal to the internet, products like these will be pretty popular. Best Moment of the Day: my former director hurriedly ushered me into a conference room today and said to me "please stay." i was confused, as i really haven't been trying to leave. it turns out that she noticed i was wearing a coat today (my new br blazer) and assumed that i must be interviewing with other places. ha.


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