March 14, 2006

The Answer to 'Why?'

last week i wrote a post wondering why barry bonds decided to taint his legacy in baseball, when he was already one of the five best players to ever play the game after the 1998 season. apparently here's our answer: jealousy. it's a strange mindset to put yourself into because, realistically, none of us can imagine how absurdly ruthless and competitive athletes of that level can become. i still do find it sad that someone with such a legacy and undeniably great track record, with every tool and ability that you could ever want as a baseball player, could be jealous of two roid-filled hulks of baseball (mcgwire and sosa) who had few skills outside of muscle-bound home run swings. america loved mcgwire and sosa because they were a sideshow for a sport that needed one. maybe bonds never would have reached their level of adulation from the average fan without steroids, but he would have had the tremendous respect of baseball players and true baseball fans if he had just stayed off the juice. instead, now everyone will judge him as the greatest example of baseball's failure.

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