March 7, 2006

My Name

i realized today while i was running that i like my name (yes, i do think about rather odd things while i'm running). why is this interesting? because i used to hate it. maybe 'hate' isn't the write word, but definitely 'dislike'. something about how short the name 'jack' is just didn't seem to mesh well with my equally-short last name. i also thought jack sounded a little too gruff by itself. strangely enough, people seem to love my name. i think the fact that 'jack' is such a well-known yet underused name really contributes to its likeability. i've had friends mention that they thought the name sounds very 'tough.' they were either stroking my ego or they've seen me quick-draw a pistol out of my holsters. it's a sight to see. people even seem to love the combination of my first and last names together. or at least they enjoy saying them together. when i was in high school, lauren steffel and pam aubert joked that they were going to name their first borns, boy or girl, Jackchou. that's a first name, not first and last. i also find that people like to call me "jack chou" when speaking about me in the third-person. i once heard ivy's sister iris tell her, "you're always hanging out with jack chou" on the phone. why do i get both of my names spoken when most people only get their first? i don't know. anyhow, i think i've finally come to peace with my name. yes, it's short and sounds weird next to my last name, but i like it now. i don't know what brought along this sudden self-acceptance, but i just thought i would share. and anyway, it could be worse. i could have a name like "phillip" or "kingsley". then i'd be destined to be a loser.



At 3/07/2006 04:47:00 PM, Blogger ivy said...

people always think i'm dating some white guy when i tell them your name is jack. i don't know why people think i date white guys or why jack is a white-guy name. ("jack bauer, dr. jack shepard"...go primetime tv!) iris calls you "jack chou" because when you call, your whole name fits on the tiny screen of my cellphone instead of running to the 2nd line. :)

At 3/07/2006 05:00:00 PM, Anonymous king said...

hm. maybe because the sound of the latter part of your first name runs into the first sound of your last name

plus its fun to say. asshole.


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