March 16, 2006

Running Thoughts

i'm chilling out at my parents' house, making use of their high-speed internet and big-screen television to (what else?) watch multiple tournament games at once. time to jot down thoughts as they come to me: - too bad iona couldn't finish up on that upset earlier today. that would've been nice. - during a short break from working this afternoon, i logged onto the cbs stream of the tennessee-winthrop game just in time to watch the furious finish. when the shot went down, i yelled out "OH!" like i would at a sports bar. considering i was wearing my headphones, i scared the CRAP out of my cubemate. one of the best tournament shots we've seen in years. - i'm seeing illinois and air force on tv right now and i'm having trouble understanding how illinois hasn't put this game away. they're playing a team that doesn't defend, has no post game, and takes bad shots. hmm. doesn't bode well for the illini. - i think the gumbel brothers (bryant and greg) have collectively achieved a level of 'annoying' that i didn't think was possible for sportscasters. and no, bryant, it doesn't have anything to do with your race. you're a hack. - i saw the back end of that gonzaga victory and if you don't think adam morrison is the best player in the country you're nuts. i see an 18-20 ppg career in the nba for him. he also really really does play like larry bird; it's not just because he's white. - speaking of nba prospects, marco killingsworth looks like he could be a decent one. i just saw him display some nice footwork down in the post. that being said, it's still funny to hear the announcer say, "killingsworth is a man. (silence)." - tv basketball analysts can be so thoughtless sometimes. i just heard seth davis talk about how duke's play is concerning because "they're known for their defense, and they're picking up full court, but they're not forcing turnovers." well, as an 'expert', you should know duke doesn't really try to force too many turnovers in the full court. they're generally just an aggressive man-to-man squad that wants to take you out of your offense. they're not really a turnover-forcing defense, as they rarely trap. how do i know this? because duke is on national tv 25 times a year, of course. - did you know marco killingsworth "is a man"? i just heard that for the twentieth time. that's crazy. i could've sworn he was a fucking water bison. - 'cuse down 9 at half. i could be losing my first sweet 16 team. rats. - i really don't know what i was thinking picking indiana over san diego state. i think maybe i thought i was picking too many upsets. i mean honestly, how could i pick a mike davis-coached team. no good coach can be that much of an emotional disaster. the guy looks like he's going to cry at all times. how can his players possibly look up to him? - i think dick enberg just ripped bilas on national television. after a ball rattled around on the rim before dropping in, enberg tossed to commercial with the line, "i think this is the kind of bounce you were used to at duke, mr. bilas." all in joking, of course. great stuff. gotta love the old guy. - looks like we (USA) just got bounced from the WBC by mexico. honestly, we didn't really deserve to go any further. as i was watching the game on sunday though, i did notice myself hoping for derek jeter to come to the plate in a big spot. when he came up to bat with the game on the line, i found myself thinking "sweet, jeter's up. we win." just more proof that everybody in the world would love derek jeter if he wasn't on the yankees. as it is, the people who love him are yankees fans and all women. - i think jay bilas is going to kiss washington's brandon roy after the game. he's that in love with him. in all seriousness, roy really is a stud. i think he's going to have an excellent nba career. he will be a lock-down defender somewhere, able to guard 1 through 3. on offense i think he's versatile enough to elevate his teammates' games. assuming nothing crazy happens, i'm thinking he'll have the second-best (morrison) nba career of all the guys coming out this year. and with that, off to watch more of him.

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At 3/22/2006 07:36:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a genius. You wrote that (Davis) should know that "Duke doesn't really try to force too many turnovers in the full court . . . they RARELY TRAP." On the box of "Duke's Team Defense", a video you may want to rent, it says the following: "From Duke's trademark man-to-man defense to the half-court and full-court zone TRAP, this video is a complete clinic on denying the opponent the ball aand the basket." The word "TRAP" capitalized by me for your benefit. Maybe you need to watch more than 25 games of Duke on TV a year. I believe you are "trapped" in your twisted mind.

At 3/22/2006 08:57:00 AM, Blogger smallchou said...

i like when people leave anonymous comments and argue with me based on the BOX of a several year-old video.

watch closely, duke doesn't run much of a full court trap this year. in the past they ran a 1-2-2 full court trap a lot. not this year. this year when they pick up full court, it's man-to-man and it's token pressure.


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