April 18, 2006

Charles Srisuwananukorn = Badass

he's going to be too humble to write about something like this in a public place, but check THIS shit out:

sharpcast blog post

some of you will, of course, wonder what that has to do with anything and who the hell is this charles guy. well, the 'charles' is my buddy charles srisuwananukorn (sorry for ruining the anonymity). this is, of course, the same guy who used to claim that he was going to be a medieval studies major at stanford... after he'd already taken about 25 CS courses. he has also been to me, at times, a minesweeper competitor, "Chuck", a drawmate, and a good friend. and, of course, also 'my bitch'. he has also been to many other people, 'the guy with the sisters.'

so congratulations to sharpcast on luring charles away from microsoft. i enjoyed reading gibu's perspective on their difficulties recruiting against the behemoth pseudo-startup enterprises of the bay area. they sound like they're probably pretty excited.

i'm just excited he'll be around the bay area to con into drinking beer on a tuesday night.

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