June 12, 2006

it's (not) about the money

ivy and i skipped up to napa valley this past weekend, traipsing around to a variety of some of california's best wineries. i'd regale you with a spirited list of our favorites, but that would probably just bore you to death. i will say that, as a guy who previously was ambivalent to fermented grape juice, i'm now somewhat of a convert. no more r&r canadian whiskey for me! (and if you don't know what r&r is, consider yourself lucky). i also feel much more smarter (that's a joke) about wine and its characteristics. i might even be able to call myself semi-savvy.

the most interesting part of the trip (well, besides ivy tasting too much on friday and getting hammered) was exploring a region that is 100 miles from silicon valley, but culturally a world apart. it is, without a doubt, the kind of place that can make a normal working person straight-up jealous. not jealous of the jobs that winemakers have, mind you (though that too). but rather, jealous of the enjoyment and passion with which they ply their trade. they like what they do, and that's why they do it.

i bring this up after reading pseudostoops' post about her sad realization regarding corporate law, not to mention phil's relatively depressing blog about the utter soul-lessness of investment banking*, to remind everyone that there are indeed people that enjoy what they do, as much or more than what they make. seems like there are a lot of those people in napa valley. good for them...

* = hey you i-bankers can argue, but when you put yourself through a profession that causes you to write things like: "We talk big and dream big and look to the day we can stick it to the Firm for robbing us of girlfriends, lives, dreams, sunny days, day games and passions and replacing them with this incessant need to remind everyone not in banking that Hey, you, YOU are NOT in banking, because if you were, you wouldn’t look so fucking happy right now, you poor, ignorant douche-bag." i think you also admit to not having a soul.

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