June 12, 2006

you suck? you must've been on the roids...

saw this poll on espn.com last week and was not surprised by the results (though i imagine the folks over at espn were expecting something different): the reason the results turned out so negatively is that they simply asked the wrong question. when i watch a baseball game now, i don't see a good performance and guess that the person is on steroids. instead, i associate someone with steroids when i see a BAD performance by a formerly good player. that is, in fact, going to be the legacy of the Steroids Era. all of these players (the bret boones and jason schmidts of the world) will be under tremendous pressure to not start tanking. if they do, they will be indicted unofficially with sammy sosa, barry bonds, mark mcgwire, and all the rest. good luck with THAT, baseball.


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