July 19, 2006

En Vacacion

i might not have mentioned this, but i'm currently on vacation. i flew out to chicago yesterday (tuesday) and immediately attended the cubs game at wrigley. that's kicking off about five days in the second city, where i will thoroughly attempt to answer the question: "why is chicago the most unhealthy city in the country?" the list of things consumed so far:

  • shawarma sandwich (near wrigley)
  • three bud lights at the sports bar across sheffield from wrigley
  • two 'old style' beers at one of the country's most beautiful ballparks
  • a 'wrigley dog'
  • three hoegaarden's at jonny o'hagan's in wrigleyville
  • a two-piece chicken meal at 'Harold's Chicken Shack'
  • a rainbow cone, courtesty of pseudostoops
  • pita chips and hummus dip at La Casa de Stoops/Pseudostoops
  • a  boatload of mussels, sandwiches, and fries
  • a nice variety of belgian brews from Hopleaf

what's left on the list? a nice corn-fed dry-aged rib eye. chicago-style stuffed pizza. a dining experience at some place called Mr. Beef. a trip to this mythical Wiener Circle...

and i wonder why chicago seems to have a larger percentage of overweight people than anywhere else i've been in the world.

after chicago, i'm heading to las vegas on monday morning. i'll be camped out in the city of sin playing LOTS of poker and generally trying out 'the life'. i'll sleep at a decent hotel, eat as cheaply as i can, write often (lucky you!), and try to have some fun. more writing and pictures later. talk to you soon...

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At 7/28/2006 01:16:00 PM, Blogger pseudostoops said...

ahem. "write often?" have you or have you not been in vegas for an entire work week? i demand more updates!!


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