July 6, 2006

Go for the better story...

seeing this newsvine article today, i couldn't help but think back to being in europe at this time two years ago. i was thisclose to taking the overpriced train ticket to pamplona, just to take in the festivities. at the last second i chickened out because of the horror stories i heard of visitors having to sleep on muddy streets as the tiny town's hotels and hostels were already overrun with tourists (paying exorbitant prices to sleep in closets). somehow that didn't appeal to me as fun.

instead, i took an easyjet plane trip and a ferry ride to the land of guinness, and spent four days in one of the world's most gorgeous hostels. despite all of that, for some reason i now wish i had gone to sleep in the mud. it would've been a better story.

the golden rule? always go for the better story because someday you'll be sitting in a rocking chair with only those to tell your grandchildren. make sure they're good. :)

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At 7/06/2006 01:48:00 PM, Blogger skratchnsnift said...

absolutely. best post thus far.

nissan hit it right on the head with their "tell better stories" ad campaign.


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