December 3, 2006


bear in mind, i don't have allegiances to any of these teams involved (except for loving the fact that usc and notre dame both missed out on the national title game. i'm entirely excited to see their fan bases lose out), but unless you went to michigan or are related to charles woodson, you have to know that florida deserves to play in the national title game. i think mark schlabach makes the case pretty well. i hate the arguments that i've been hearing from random sportswriters the past few weeks: "well, ohio state and michigan are clearly the two best teams in the country." oh really? i guess that means you're capable of comparing teams that have never played each other before just by thinking really hard. heck, maybe they shouldn't even play the games, since you can tell us who the best teams are. let's face it: nobody knows who's better between michigan and florida. but anyone with two eyes and some football understanding saw that ohio state is definitely better than michigan. and if we already know that we don't need to see them prove it again, especially when florida has gone 12-1 in the toughest conference in college football (statistically and subjectively). it'll be a sad day for college football if michigan's playing ohio state again, this time for the national title. the one positive will be that, if florida's president's initial comments are any indication, the SEC presidents will start screaming their heads off and determining a national champion will finally be about something other than money.



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