March 22, 2006

Bill Simmons Q&A

on, chat session with bill simmons...
Vinay (Norwalk, CT): At what point do you think Tony Parker finally tells Eva Longoria to just shut the hell up? Can't anything remain private? How bad do you think his teammates rip him for her latest comments about his bedroom skillzzzz? And, in the end, does any of it matter since he's sleeping with a smoking hot Hollywood actress? Bill Simmons: (1:46 PM ET ) Nope. none of it matters. She came to the Clips-Spurs game I went to and spent the whole time talking to people in her section -- the Sports Gal noticed her in the second quarter and watched her for the rest of the game without once glancing at the court. After the game, she decided, "I think Eva Longoria seems nice." We were at least 150 feet away from her. Women are crazy.


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