June 15, 2006

Two great e-mails

people are bugging me about the lack of actual "check out what's going on in my life" type posts that used to be a staple of my old xanga journal. the truth is that i don't know really know where they've gone, but here goes.

semi-inspired by helping ivy train for a marathon the past few months, i'm planning on racing a half-marathon sometime in the october-november time frame. i've just embarked on a training regimine that includes healthy dosages of 6-8 mile runs (about 4-5 days per week), a few days of various cross training (for instance pedaling furiously on a stationary bike in front of the sweden vs. paraguay game just now), and three La Costena burritos per week. throw in a couple of in-n-out burgers and a few beers a week and i'm set!

in all honesty though, i am going to be taking this training thing pretty seriously. i'm hoping to book around 30-35 miles a week, with about 10 of those at a pretty high clip (i.e. 6:30 per mile). luckily i'll have my trusty ipod handy to play hour-long episodes of the circuit (which also double as a timer for my runs). the goal at the end of the day is to run a half marathon in under 90 minutes. that's my stated goal and i'm sticking to it until i pass out from heat exhaustion. remind me of that when you come visit me at the hospital.

when i sat down at my computer just now, i found a couple of great e-mails waiting for me. one from a friend i haven't talked to in a while (even though colin says he was reminded of me by a nytimes article about addiction to online poker) and one that i had to dig out of the Trash bin of gmail because (i think) the lack of consonants in bonnie's email (brkl...) makes it look like a spam address. it's so easy, as a "grown-up" to forget about the power of personal writing. a simple description recounting your first experience at fenway park. a quick note to remind a friend that you left on a month-long europe journey on this exact day two years ago. simple notes like that can make a huge difference in the grand scheme of meetings, documents, and designs. moral of the story: go write an e-mail to somebody right now.

oh, last note, about those runs, i'll be sticking most of them up on http://del.icio.us/smallchou/runs if any of you are interested. (and yes, i DO know that the times up there are not that great. working on that)

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